Yale University

Institution Name: Yale University
Website: https://medicine.yale.edu/anesthesiology/fellowships/clinicalfellowships/?tab=Cardiac
ACGME Accredited? Yes
Participates in SF Match? Yes
Department Chair Name: Roberta Hines
Department Chair Email: roberta.hines@yale.edu
ACTA Fellowship Director Name: Leon Freudzon
ACTA Fellowship Director Email (for publication): Anesthesiafellowship@yale.edu
Address 1: 333 Cedar Street
Address 2: TMP 3
City: New Haven
State: CT
Zip: 06520-8051
Country: USA
Number of Positions: 4
Clinical / Basic Research Yes
Clinical / Clinical Research Yes
Clinical Research only Yes
Basic Research only Yes
Conference Available to Fellows (frequency / description): Anesthesiology Grand Rounds  Cardiology Echocardiography Conference  Anesthesiology Echo Conference  Anesthesia Peer Review/CQI
Distribution of Cases/Number of CPB Procedures: 1200
Program Coordinator Name: Christine Baer
Program Coordinator Email: Anesthesiafellowship@yale.edu
Name Leon Freudzon
Email Address leon.freudzon@yale.edu