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7 – 8 am

Problem-Based Learning Discussions 19-24

8 – 10 am













Working in the Dark: Interventional Cardiology in 2019

Moderator: Frederick Cobey, MD

TAVR 2019: Do You Even Need an Anesthesiologist?

Prakash Patel, MD

Mitraclip: Functional vs Degenerative Uses

Richard Sheu, MD

Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention: Why and How?

Jayakar Guruswamy, MD

What’s New in Percutaneous Valve Care?

Feroze Mahmood, MD

Emerging Technologies: Are They Just Toys?

Himani Bhatt, DO

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10 10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am Noon











Evidence-Based Best Practice for Transplant

Moderator: Nelson Thaemert, MD

Heart Transplantation in 2019 - What are the Best Practices?

Brian Gelfand, MD

Lung Transplantation in 2019 - What are the Best Practices?

Jeffrey Swanson, MD

Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion - What, How, and Why?

Peter Slinger, MD

High Risk Donors - What's the Big Deal?

M. Megan Chacon, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10:30 am Noon









Comprehensive Perioperative Care for the Cardiac Surgical Patient

Moderators: Heather Lander, MD and Jacques Neelankavil, MD

A Cardiac Surgeon’s Vantage Point: ERACS – Good for One or Good for All?

HelenMari Merritt, DO

ERACS P&L: Cost or Savings?

David Reich, MD

Pre-Habilitation vs Rehabilitation: The Practicality and Feasibility of Pre- and Post-Operative Interventions

Jessica Rydingsward, DPT

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10:30 am – Noon











Providing Leadership in the EP Lab in 2019

Moderator: Sreekanth Cheruku, MD

Navigating the EP Lab Environment

Alina Nicoara, MD

Anesthesia for SVT Ablation

Emily Methangkool, MD

Anesthesia for A. Fib and A. Flutter Ablation

Himani Bhatt, DO

Anesthesia for VT Ablation

Miklos Kertai, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

Noon – 1 pm

Lunch on own

Noon – 1 pm

Scientific Program Poster Presentations: Session 3 (Non-CME)

1 –  2 pm

Problem-Based Learning Discussions 25-29

1 – 2 pm







Fireside Chat: Promoting Women Leaders

Moderator: Daryl Oakes, MD

Closing the Gender Gap: Promoting Women Leaders in Medicine

Sasha Shillcutt, MD

Transformative Leadership Skills

Janet Shlaes, PhD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

1 – 2:30 pm


Super Echo Panel

Moderators: Kathryn Glas, MD and Timothy Maus, MD

2 – 3:30 pm









Emerging Topics in Aortic Surgery: Congenital Aortic Syndromes

Moderator: James Anton, MD

Clinical Decision Making and Management of the Ascending Aorta in Patients with a Biscuspid Aortic Valve

Michael Joynt, MD

Marfan’s Syndrome: Surgical Options and Anesthetic Considerations

Gregory Janelle, MD

Evaluating and Treating Aortic Insufficiency in the Young Adult

Kathryn Rouine-Rapp, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

2 – 3:30 pm











Trends in Heart Failure Management

Moderator: Jenny Kwak, MD

Current Medical Management of Heart Failure

Himabindu Vidula, MD

Temporary Mechanical Circulatory Support

Jessica Spellman, MD

Economics of Heart Failure and Its Treatment

Erik Anderson, MD

Update on the Heart Allocation System

Marat Fudim, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

2 – 5 pm

Afternoon Workshop

2:30 5:30 pm

Fellow and Resident TEE Review

3:30 4 pm

Coffee Break

4 5:30 pm











Management of Incidental Aortic Stenosis During CABG in the TAVR Era

Moderator: Paul Lennon, MD

Case Presentation

Paul Lennon, MD

Current Criteria for AVR at Time of CABG

Georges Desjardins, MD

TAVR Indications

Yasdet Maldonado, MD

Anatomical Contra-Indications for TAVR

Ravi Vivekanand Joshi, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

4 5:30 pm









Right Heart: Supporting the "Other" Ventricle

Moderator: Candice Montzingo, MD

Why is Pulmonary Hypertension Important in the Preoperative Period?

Jochen Steppan, MD

Medical Management: Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilator Therapies for Preoperative Right Heart Failure

Andre Denault, MD

Surgical Management: Criteria for Insertion of RV Assist Devices

Jessica Spellman, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

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