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8 am

Problem-Based Learning Discussions 1-6

8 10 am











2019 Updates in Cardiac Anesthesiology – Refresher Course Lectures

Moderator: Michael Eaton, MD

Tricuspid Valve: What's New in Imaging and Therapies

Michele Sumler, MD

Ultrasound and the CV Anesthesiologist in 2019

Bruce Bollen, MD

SCA Improving Quality of Care: The CPI Initiative

Nanette Schwann, MD

It's Not (Just) About the Money: What Every CV Anesthesiologist Must Know About Healthcare Finance

Gordon Morewood, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

9 am 12 pm

Morning Workshops

10 10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am Noon











Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmia

Moderator: Jonathan Ho, MD

SCA Atrial Fibrillation Clinical Practice Improvement Update

J. Danny Muehlschlegel, MD

Chronic Atrial Fibrillation

Christopher Madias, MD

Post-Op A-Fib

Nathan Waldron, MD

A Comprehensive Approach to Atrial Fibrillation

Lawrence Lee, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10:30 am Noon










SCA/STS: Interventions for the Mitral Valve

Moderator: Charles Nyman, MBBCh

Repair or Replace? What Echo Data the Surgeon Needs to Know

Marc Pelletier, MSc

Percutaneous Mitral Repair - Are We There Yet?

G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD

Echo Evaluation: Past, Present, Future

Chirojit Mukherjee, MD

Case Presentation: Heart Team - Secondary/Primary MR-Open vs Percutaneous

Jenny Kwak, MD

11 am Noon

Complex Case Poster Presentations: Session 1

11 am Noon

Lunch on own

1 3:30 pm













Quick Communications and Complicated Cases in Cardiac Coagulation

Moderators: James Abernathy, MD and Michael Eaton, MD

Heparin Resistance: What to Do When the ACT Gets You Down

Michael Mazzeffi, MD

Concentrated Factors: What’s There to Concentrate On?

Kenichi Tanaka, MD

NOACs: Know What????

Jerrold Levy, MD

OK, It’s Really HITT, Now whaTT?

Alycia Wanat-Hawthorne, MD

Clopidogrel Tuesday, Surgery Today: OK?

Nadia Hensley, MD

Case Discussions with Audience Participation

1 3:30 pm



















Adult Cardiac Anesthesia Tasting Menu – A Little Something for Everyone

Moderator: Mary Beth Brady, MD

Perioperative Care of the Morbidly Obese Cardiac Surgical Patient

J. Mauricio Del Rio, MD

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – May the Force NOT Be with You!

Wei Dong Gao, MD

Craftmanship vs Automation in Cardiac Anesthesia

Tjorvi Perry, MD

Airway Management for Patients with Significant Cardiac Disease

Peter Slinger, MD

Team Planning for High Risk Lead Extractions

Brandon Lebow, MD

Interventional Echocardiography – What Is It? And How Does It Impact Income and Resources?

G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD

Pipes, Plumbing, and Knobs – Basic Refresher on VADs and ECMO

Jacob Gutsche, MD

Cardiac Surgery and Barely an Opioid in Site: Why? Who? How?

Rafael Cabrales, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

1 3:30 pm

Fellow and Resident Program

1 4 pm

Afternoon Workshops

3:30 4 pm

Coffee Break

4 5 pm

Fellow and Resident Complex Case Discussion with Expert Panel

4 5:30 pm










Quality Safety: Advancing Teamwork

Moderators: James Abernathy, MD and Nadia Hensley, MD

The Current State of Teamwork Science: How Teamwork Research in Real and Simulated Environments Can Advance the Safety Agenda

Sarah Henrickson-Parker, PhD

What Cardiothoracic Team Can Learn From Elite Performers: A Perspective on High Performance/Preventing Harm from a Non-Healthcare Professional

Brian Ferguson

Lessons Learned Observing The Natives: Impact of Interpersonal Communication Style on Teamwork and Engagement

Emmilie Aveling, PhD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

4 5:30 pm











Cardiothoracic Critical Care: Adding Value

Moderator: J. Mauricio Del Rio, MD

What's the Paradigm of the Contemporary CT Critical Care Physician

J. Mauricio Del Rio, MD

CTICU in the Private Practice Environment

Juan Pulido, MD

Teaching Residents and Fellows CCM in the CTICU

Michael Mazzeffi, MD

Co-Managing Patients in the CTICU: Surgeon's View

Aaron Cheng, MD

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

5 6 pm

Complex Case Poster Presentations: Session 2

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