Research Committee

Committee Description

SCA will be regarded as a key supporter and promoter of research related to cardiovascular and thoracic disease.

To encourage and support research that focuses on cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia.

The Research Committee has two purposes:

1. To assess the scientific validity/merit of research grants submitted for funding.
2. To review and approve survey requests for distribution to Society membership.

The committee reports to the SCA Board of Directors.

The committee meets at least once per year.

The committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and up to thirty-one other members. A Board Liaison may be appointed at the discretion of the President.

Committee members serve for a term of two years for any number of terms, but not more than three terms consecutively.

Committee Members

Full Name Institution Committee Title Term Ends
Jochen (Danny) Muehlschlegel, MD MSc FAHA Brigham and Women’s Hospital Chair April, 2021
Matthias Riess, MD PhD Vanderbilt University Medical Center Vice-Chair April, 2021
Amanda Fox, MD MPH University of Texas Southwestern Medical Board Liaison April, 2021
Sergey Karamnov, MD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Member April, 2021
Nirvik Pal, MBBS, MD Virginia Commonwealth University Member April, 2021
Matthew Levin, MD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Member April, 2021
Marta Kelava, MD Cleveland Clinic Member April, 2022
Louise Sun, MD SM FRCPC University of Ottawa Heart Institute Member April, 2022
Loren Smith Vanderbilt University Medical Center Member April, 2022
Lisa Rong, MD Weill Cornell Medical College Member April, 2021
Kei Togashi, MD University of Washington Member April, 2021
Karsten Bartels, MD PhD University of Colorado Member April, 2021
Junmei Xu, MD Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University Member April, 2021
Julie Wyrobek, MD University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital Member April, 2022
Jorn Karhausen, MD PhD Duke University Member April, 2022
Irfan Kathiriya, MD University of California, San Francisco Member April, 2021
Ethan Brovman, MD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Member April, 2021
Emily Mackay University of Pennsylvania Member April, 2022
Elena Ashikhmina, MD PhD Mayo Clinic Member April, 2022
Dylan Addis, MD University of Alabama at Birmingham Member April, 2022
David McIlroy, MBBS ANZCA Vanderbilt University Member April, 2021
Daryl L. Reust, MD University of Oklahoma Member April, 2021
Christoph G. S. Nabzdyk, MD Mayo Clinic Member April, 2021
Andrea Miltiades Columbia University Medical Center Member April, 2022
Andra E. Duncan, MD MS Cleveland Clinic Member April, 2021
Andaleeb Ahmed, MD MPH Lahey Hospital and Medical Center Member April, 2022
Alexander Zarbock University of Münster Member April, 2022