SCA/STS Database Sub-Committee

Committee Description

SCA will be regarded as a key supporter and promoter of research related to cardiovascular and thoracic disease.

The mission of the sub-committee is for SCA and STS to partner together on new opportunities in areas of national anesthesia related outcomes, trends in anesthetic and intraoperative managements, and database-related developments in quality measurements and performance improvement for database participants, SCA members, and the specialty.

The purpose of the sub-committee is to foster the partnership with STS through:

  1. Overseeing the process of recruiting new participating centers.
  2. Maintaining collaboration with current participating centers to address any related questions about the individual data elements, the collection process, and reports/
  3. Reviewing existing and proposing new variables for inclusion in the STS National Database.
  4. Facilitating the proposal and conduct of research studies and quality improvement initiatives based on the Adult Cardiac Surgery Anesthesia Section and the complementary ACSD.

The sub-committee reports to the Quality & Safety Leadership Committee.

The sub-committee meets at least once per year.

The sub-committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Parent Committee (QSL) Chair, and up to eleven other members. A Board Liaison may be appointed at the discretion of the President.

Sub-committee members serve for a term of two years.

Committee Members

Full Name Institution Committee Title Term Ends
Miklos D. Kertai, MD PhD Vanderbilt Chair April, 2022
Mark A. Taylor, MD FASE Cleveland Clinic Vice-Chair April, 2022
Bruce A. Bollen, MD Missoula Anesthesiology/International Heart Institute of Montana Parent Committee Chair April, 2021
James (Jake) Abernathy, MD MPH FAHA FASE Johns Hopkins University Board Liaison April, 2021
Ryan Lauer, MD Loma Linda University Medical Center Member April, 2022
Nancy A. Nussmeier, MD Member April, 2022
Laurent G. Glance, MD University of Rochester School of Medicine Member April, 2022
Jose Mauricio Del Rio, MD Duke University Medical Center Member April, 2022
Joseph Petty Member April, 2022
G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD PhD FASE University of Washington Member April, 2022
David F. Vener, MD Texas Children’s Hospital Member April, 2022