Opioid Working Group

Committee Description

SCA will be a recognized resource for healthcare providers engaged in the care of patients undergoing cardiovascular and thoracic procedures.

The mission of the working group is to become a leader in addressing the opioid epidemic both nationally and internationally and to set the stage for collaboration with other societies to combat the crisis

The purpose of the working group is:

  1. To review current literature on the mechanisms of pain associated with cardiac surgery and the role of multimodal analgesia for cardiac surgery in both opioid-tolerant and opioid-naive patients with the goal of reducing overall opioid use.
  2. To develop better practices/adaptable clinical guidelines in the perioperative management of opioid-tolerant and opioid-naive patients (from published literature, available general guidelines, and expert opinions). The goal is to provide an easy-to-use guide and, if possible, a process to evaluate its impact on the opioid crisis.
  3. To develop a plan to disseminate the practices/guidelines via educational sessions on the SCA website and/or at the annual SCA meeting.
  4. To devise an approach to provide a platform for the members to provide feedback and suggestions, which will help to refine/improve the guidelines over a biannual basis.
  5. To formulate a proposal to collaborate with the STS to provide optimal patient care and pain control using multimodal analgesics and regional techniques with the goal of reducing overall opioid use for cardiac surgery.

The working group reports to the Quality & Safety Leadership Committee. 

The working group meets at least once per year.

The working group is composed of the Chair, Parent Committee (QSL) Chair, and up to five other members. A Board Liaison may be appointed at the discretion of the President.

Working group members serve for a term of two years.

Committee Members

Full Name Institution Committee Title Term Ends
Benu Makkad, MD University of Cincinnati Medical Center Chair April, 2022
Timothy Heinke, MD Medical University of South Carolina Member April, 2022
Raiyah Sheriffdeen, MD Seton Medical Center Member April, 2022
Marie-Louise Meng, MD New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Member April, 2022
Jessica Brodt, MD Stanford University Member April, 2022
Diana Khatib, MD Weill Cornell Medicine Member April, 2022