CME Committee

Committee Description

SCA will be a global leader in comprehensive professional development that promotes the provision of safe, high quality, cost-effective medical care for patients undergoing cardiovascular and thoracic procedures.

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee, in accordance with the CME Mission of the Society, leads and facilitates the independent development of unbiased, scientifically balanced, continuing medical educational activities. These are designed and implemented to facilitate the continued professional development of physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The committee provides physicians and healthcare professionals the highest quality, evidence-based education, advancing their knowledge, competence, performance in practice, and patient outcomes in order to improve the health of the public.

Specific duties include:

  1. To monitor all educational activities provided by the SCA and assure that all activities are compliant with ACCME accreditation criteria. The CME committee will report to and advise the SCA Board of Directors.
  2. To strategize and initiate the creation of educational programs that meet the needs of CVT anesthesiologists and adhere to the SCA’s mission.
  3. To provide educational activities to the international community through a Sub-Committee dedicated to international education/relations. This will be in the form of:
    1. ICCVA
    2. Co-sponsorship of international meetings
    3. Endorsement of international meetings
    4. International outreach
    5. Website or electronic media or products that reach the international community

The committee reports to the SCA Board of Directors.

The committee meets at least twice per year: once at the SCA Annual Meeting (spring) and once at the ASA Annual Meeting (fall).

The committee is composed of the Chair (President-Elect of the Society), four elected committee members, and a consultant. In addition, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Program Committee; the Co-Directors of the TAS Program Committee; the Co-Directors of the Echo Week Program Committee; and the Co-Directors of the PoCUS Course are members.

The committee Chair serves a two-year term for the duration of their term as President-Elect of the Society. The elected members serve staggered four-year terms. The Program Chair, Vice-Chair and Course Directors serve on the committee for as long as they are Chair, Vice-Chair or Course Director. The consultant is appointed bi-annually for a two-year term.

Committee Members

Full Name Institution Committee Title Term  Ends
Andrew D. Shaw, MB FCCM FFICM FRCA University of Alberta Chair/Board Liaison April, 2021
Elvera L. Baron, MD PhD The Mount Sinai Hospital Elected Member (2020 – 2024) April, 2024
Randal S. Blank, MD PhD University of Virginia 2021 Vice-Chair – TAS Program Cmte April, 2022
Bruce A. Bollen, MD Missoula Anesthesiology/International Heart Institute of Montana Elected Member (2017-2021) April, 2021
Brandi Bottiger, MD Duke University Medical Center Elected Member (2019 – 2023) April, 2023
Mary Beth Brady, MD FASE Johns Hopkins 2021 Vice-Chair – Annual Scientific Program Cmte April, 2022
Bradley Coker, MD University of Alabama at Birmingham 2020 PoCUS Course Co-Director April, 2022
Jennifer Hargrave, DO Cleveland Clinic Elected Member (2018-2022) April, 2022
Feroze Mahmood, MD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 2020 Program Director – Echo Week April, 2021
Nicholas (Nick) W. Markin, MD FASE University of Nebraska Medical Center 2020 PoCUS Course Co-Director April, 2022
Alessia Pedoto, MD Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2021 Chair – TAS Program Cmte April, 2022
Mark A. Taylor, MD FASE Cleveland Clinic 2020 Program Director – Echo Week April, 2021
Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD FASE University of Nebraska Medical Center 2021 Chair – Annual Scientific Program Cmte April, 2022