Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of participation in the SCA/STS database?
A. Benefits include

  • a standardized format for data collection to assess the care of adult patients undergoing cardiothoracic operations
  • quarterly performance outcomes reports in a risk-adjusted format that allows for comparison of local outcomes to regional benchmarks and national standards
  • analysis of major surgical outcomes and process-of-care measures that affect adult cardiac surgery patients
  • composite quality measure scores for CABG and AVR and associated ratings
  • risk profiles of patients in your practice benchmarked against national standards
  • feedback reports to identify areas for quality improvement
  • assessment data on new technology and techniques
  • documentation of the quality of care delivered by your practice for interested third-party entities
  • participation in a national quality improvement effort for adult cardiac surgery that has an impact at the local, regional, and national levels.

Q. Does the surgeon have to contribute data to the STS database in order for the anesthesiologists to participate?
A. Yes, surgeon participation is a prerequisite.

Q. What is the annual fee for participation?
A. $2,500 per year (This fee does not include any fees paid by the surgeons.)

Q. What are the current data fields being collected?
A. The current data collection form that details all of the fields and the associated data specification document are available on the STS website.

Q. How often will the data fields undergo revision?
A. Data field revision occurs approximately every 2 years in partnership with the STS.

Q. How do I initiate the process of participation?
A. Contact Gerard Terafa, Operations Manager for the STS National Database, at 312.202.5858 or e-mail

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