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Faculty List: 
Annette Vegas
Director of Peri-operative TEE
George Djaiani
Neuroprotection & outcomes, OPCAB, genetics, TEE
Jacek Karski
Blood Conservation & Outcomes, TEE
Jane Heggie
Adult Congenital Heart Disease; Peri-operative TEE Teaching
Keyvan Karkouti
Blood Conservation, Epidemiology
Ludwik Fedorko
Neuroprotection & outcomes, genetics
Marcin Wasowicz
CVICU; Sedation and ICU; Cardiac Anesthesia
Massimiliano Meineri
3D TEE; Peri-operative TEE; Percutaneous valves and interventions
Rita Katznelson
Cardiac ananestehsia; CVICU and post operative delerium
Scott Beattie
Renal Protection, Epidemiology
Stuart McCluskey
Coimbatore Srinivas
 Adam Snyman

Participates in SF Match: No

Chair: Dr. Gerald O' Leary
Email: Gerald.O'

Adult Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Coimbatore Srinivas

Mailing Address:
Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth street
Toronto Ontario, L5J1G5

Phone: 416.340.3567
Fax: 416.340.3698

Program Coordinator: Dr.Coimbatore Srinivas
Phone: 416.340.3567

General Program Information:

Number of positions: 10

Additional Fellowship Training Available: Clinical/Clinical Research

Annual Salary: 85,000

Number of Fellows Completing Training in Previous 5 Years: 50

Education Program:

Conference Available to Fellows:

Academic Fellow Activities:

In the previous 5 years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author on:

Clinical Program:

Number of CPB Procedures: 140

Number of Cardiac Procedures: 1,400

Number of off-CPB Cardiac Procedures: <50

Non-Cardiac Thoracic Procedures: 500

Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants: 140

Major Vascular Procedures: 200