General Information:

Department Chair: Daniel Thys, MD
Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Zak Hillel, PhD MD

Mailing Address:
Department of Anesthesiology
1111 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025

Phone: 212.523.2500
Fax: 212.523.3930

General Program Information:

Number of positions: 2

Type(s) of Fellowship Training Available:

  • Clinical Only
  • Clinical Basic Research

Annual Salary: $43,000
Minimum Length of Training: open
Number of CA-4/CA-5 Fellows Completing 12-24 Months Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Training in Previous 5 Years: 7


D. Thys
Systolic and Diastolic LV Function, TEE

J. Castro
Coagulation, Quality Assurance

M. D'Souza
Calcium Channel Blockers

R. Koorn
Cerebral Ischemia

Z. Hillel
Systolic and Diastolic LV Function, TEE

Academic Program:

Fellow Conferences Frequency: every other week
Type: Clinical, Research, Fellow presentation, Journal Club
Extra-Institutional Educational Conference Support: 2 meetings per year
In the Previous 5 Years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author On:

Abstract: 1
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 1

Funding: Dept/Institutional Funds, Pharmaceutical/equipment industry grants
Dedicated Research Time: for Clinical only - flexible; for Research only 5 day per week
Echocardiography Instruction: inside OR
Critical Care Rotation: optional

Clinical Program:

Number of Cardiac Procedures with CPB Per Year: 65
Number of Non-Cardiac Thoracic Cases Per Year: 100