General Information:

Department Chair: Lydia Conlay, MD PhD MBA

Mailing Address:
6565 Fannin St #1901
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 713.798.6918
Fax: 713.798.7345

Application Process:

Please send a current curriculum vitae with three letters of reference, one from the program director or chair, and one from the chief of cardiac service.

General Program Information:

Number of positions: 5
Type(s) of Fellowship Training Available:

  • Clinical Only
  • Clinical Basic Research
  • Clinical Clinical
  • Clinical Research

Annual Salary: $43k+ $40k
Minimum Length of Training: 6 months
Number of CA-4/CA-5 Fellows Completing 12-24 Months Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Training in Previous 5 Years: 10


Joseph Reeves-Viets, MD
blood conservation techniques, pulmonary hypertension

Academic Program:

Fellow Conferences Frequency: 2 to 4 per month
Type: clinical, M&M, echo, journal club
Extra-Institutional Educational Conference Support: one paid meeting annually

In the Previous 5 Years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author On:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 2
Book Chapters: 1

Funding: Department/institutional funds, pharmaceutical/equipment industry grants, peer review grants
Dedicated Research Time: varies by track
Echocardiography Instruction: 2 months
Critical Care Rotation: one month
Maximum Time in Non-OR Activities: 20%

Clinical Program:

Number of Cardiac Procedures with CPB Per Year: 1800
Distribution of cases: 60% CAB, 30%valves, 10% thoracic aneurysm
Average Number of CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: 50
Number of Cardiac Procedures off-CPB Per Year: 200
Distribution of case: as above, including septal myomectomy, pericardectomy, repair of congenital
Average Number of off-CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: 15
Number of Non-Cardiac Thoracic Cases Per Year: 800
Number of Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants Per Year: 60
Number of Major Vascular Cases Per Year: 900