General Information:


Chair: Keith Lewis, M.D.
Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Alex Kotov, MD
Mailing Address:
Department of Anesthesiology Atrium2 88 East Newton Street

Application Process:

Send a letter including your C.V. and indicate for which year you are applying. Qualified candidates will need to provide three letters of reference, including one from their current Department Chair, and will be invited for an interview.

General Program Information:

Number of positions: 0
Position(s) available 2012: 2
Position(s) available 2013: 0
Type(s) of Fellowship Training Avaible:

  • Clinical Clinical

Annual Salary: $51,396
Minimum Length of Training: 12 months
Number of CA-4/CA-5 Fellows Completing 12-24 Months Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Training in Previous 5 Years: 2


Aileen Starnbach, M.D.
Brian Birmingham, M.D.
David Morse, M.D.
TEE, coagulation, transfusion medicine, clinical research
Douglas Wingrove, M.D., Ph.D.
TEE, muscle physiology, malignant hyperthermia
Eric T. Pierce, Ph.D., M.D.
TEE, intraoperative EEG, clinical research
Glynne Stanley, M.B., F.R.C.A.
TEE, resident education, EKG
J. Fredrik Hesselvik, M.D., Ph.D
TEE, clinical competence, clinical research
J. Michael Haering, M.D.
TEE, clinical research
Rafael Ortega, M.D.
TEE, airway management, multimedia teaching applications

Academic Program:

Fellow Conferences Frequency: Weekly, plus cardiac grand rounds 2/year
Type: 06:30-07:30 AM conference. 1-hr grand rounds
Extra-Institutional Educational Conference Support:
In the Previous 5 Years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author On:


Abstract: 1
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 1
Book Chapters: 1
Other Publications:


Funding: Departmental support, industry support
Dedicated Research Time: Awarded on a case by case basis
Echocardiography Instruction: 2 months full-time in cardiology echocardiography laboratory
Critical Care Rotation: Available, if desired
Formal Course Work Available in: Multiple fields within Boston University School of Medicine
Maximum Time in Non-OR Activities: 1 day/week nonclinical. 2 months in echo lab.

Clinical Program:

Number of Cardiac Procedures with CPB Per Year: 586
Distribution of cases: 62% CABG, 33% valves, 4% thoracic aneurysm, 1% congenital
Average Number of CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: 250
Number of Cardiac Procedures off-CPB Per Year: 20
Distribution of case: The majority are CABG. DTA repair is with partial CPB
Average Number of off-CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: 10
Number of Non-Cardiac Thoracic Cases Per Year: 115
Number of Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants Per Year:
Number of Major Vascular Cases Per Year: 200