General Information:


Faculty List:

Participates in SF Match: Yes

Chair: Daniel S. Talmor, MD MPH

Adult Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Shahzad Shaefi, MD MPH

Mailing Address:

330 Brookline Ave
Rabb 239
Boston MA, 02215

Phone: 617.667.3110
Fax: 614.667.5050

Program Coordinator: Susan Kilbride

Phone: 617.667.3110


Program Information:

Number of positions: 3

Additional Fellowship Training Available: Clinical/Basic Research; Clinical/Clinical Research; Clinical Research; Basic Research

Annual Salary: $74,519

Number of Fellows Completing Training in Previous 5 Years: 10 (2 per year)

Education Program:

Conference Available to Fellows:

  1. Fellow Didactic Lecture: Weekly (Wednesdays)
  2. Combined Cardiac/Critical Care Lecture: Weekly (Wednesdays)
  3. Fellow Echocardiography Read Sessions: Weekly (Wednesdays)
  4. Interdisciplinary Cardiac Case Conference: Monthly
  5. Cardiac Journal Club: Monthly
  6. Combined Boston Echo Conference: Quarterly
  7. Departmental Grand Rounds: Weekly (Wednesdays)
  8. Departmental Mortality and Morbidity Conference: Weekly (Wednesdays)

Academic Fellow Activities:

In the previous 5 years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author on:

Abstracts: 25

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 12

Book Chapters: 10

QI Projects: 6

Clinical Program:

Total Number of Procedures: 2,147

Number of CPB Procedures: 930

Number of Cardiac Procedures: 1080

Number of off-CPB Cardiac Procedures: 190

Non-Cardiac Thoracic Procedures: 725

Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants: 0

Major Vascular Procedures: 152