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7 – 8 am

Problem-Based Learning Discussions 19-24

8 – 10 am






NACOR-AQI, MPOG, PQRS, SCA-STS Is This Alphabet Soup or Can I Use a Quality Database to Affect Change?

Making Sense of Big Data to Improve Cardiovascular Anesthesia Care: Opportunities through STS and MPOG

Nuts and Bolts of STS Database

Performance Metrics in a Pay-for-Performance World

Converting Data to Practice: CPI 2020

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10 10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am Noon






Don't (Let Your Patient) Be Shocked!  What's New in EP?

Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation for VT/Vf

Non-Transvenous CIEDs: Anesthesia and Surgical Implications

Anesthesiologists Should Be Programming CIEDs Perioperatively

Anesthesiologists Should NOT Be Programming CIEDs Perioperatively

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10:30 am Noon






Managing Critical Events during Organ Transplants

Managing Critical Events during Heart Transplantation

Standardized Management for Liver Transplantation Emergencies

Managing Coagulopathy During Organ Transplantation

Managing Critical Events during Lung Transplant

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

10:30 am – Noon





Supporting Women in Cardiac Anesthesia

Work-Life Integration – How to Achieve Balance Without Burnout

Engaging Men in Supporting Women

Barriers to Advancement and How to Overcome Them

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

Noon – 1 pm

Lunch on own

Noon – 1 pm

Scientific Program Poster Presentations: Session 3 (Non-CME)

1 –  2 pm

Problem-Based Learning Discussions 25-29

1 – 2 pm





The Forgotten Valve – Understanding the Contributions of the Pulmonic Valve

The Role of the Pulmonic Valve and the Diseases that Impact Function

Is the Pulmonic Valve Strong Enough for the Systemic Circulation? The Reemerging Ross Procedure

Evolving Therapies for Pulmonic Valve Disease

Panel Discussion and Audience Participation

1 – 2:30 pm






SOCCA Session – Cardiac Critical Care: A Potpourri

Vasoplegia State-of-the-Art: Not Just Magic Bullets

Deliverables: The Alphabet Soup of Quality Metrics on the CTICU

Models of CTICU Coverage A Pressing Issue: In-House Faculty, Residents, APPs or TeleICU?

Program Directors’ Corner: Cardiac Critical Care Training Changing Times?

Panel Discussion and Audience Participation

2 – 3:30 pm





What's New in VADs? Who Cares (For the Patient)?

Pulsatility in the New VADs

Should We Manage Contemporary LVADs Differently from Older Generation LVADs?

Pro/Con: All Patients with MCS Should Be Cared for By a Cardiac Anesthesiologist

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

2 – 5 pm

Afternoon Workshop

2:30 5:30 pm

Fellow and Resident TEE Review

3:30 4 pm

Coffee Break

4 5:30 pm






Challenges in Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Treating Blood Pressure: More Harm Than Good?

When Things Go Wrong: Pump Accidents and CPB Safety

Failure to Launch: When Is Failure to Wean CPB an Indication for ECMO?

Acidosis Cause for Worry? Aetiology, Prognostic Value & Management

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

4 5:30 pm





Protective Ventilation for Thoracic Surgery

Pulmonary Complications After Thoracic Surgery: Etiology and Pathophysiology

Optimal FiO2 During Lung Surgery

Pro/Con: Protective Ventilation Improves Outcomes in Thoracic Surgery

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

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