Welcome to the SCA 7th Annual Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium Abstract Presenter Resource Page!

Congratulations on being selected as an abstract presenter for the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Please use this page as a tool to plan your stay, prepare for your session(s), and learn more about the meeting. We will continue to update and maintain this resource page with details pertinent to our abstract authors, so check back often. We hope this information will help make your conference experience an enjoyable and successful one.

If you have additional questions, please contact the SCA Education Team at education@scahq.org.

Thank you for your contribution to the meeting; your presentation will help make it an outstanding educational event. We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!

Poster Presenter Requirements

All main authors are required to register for the meeting online and pay the registration fee. Additionally, the main author must log into the Faculty Information Center and complete the forms listed below in order to present at TAS. 

IMPORTANT: If the author does not complete these forms, the author may not be permitted to be present. To access your forms, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Faculty Information Center
  2. Using your SCA website credentials, log into your account. If you cannot remember your username and password, please click, 'Forgot Your Password' on the left toolbar of the proposal submission site.
  3. Once logged in the Faculty Information Center, complete the following items:
    • Disclosure Form
    • Bio Form


Poster Requirements

  • Poster display boards on site will be double-sided.
  • Your poster may be a maximum of 48 inches tall and 96 inches wide, in order to fit on the display boards.
  • Your assigned poster number that was provided in your acceptance letter will be in the upper right hand corner of the poster display board, along with your abstract title.
  • The SCA will not provide poster printing services, nor will a printing center be available at the meeting. Your poster must be printed prior to the meeting.
  • SCA will provide tacks for you to hang your poster with at the meeting.

Poster Session Schedule

Set-Up 7:15 - 7:45 am
Session 1:15 - 2 pm
Teardown 5:45 pm – immediately after reception

Oral Abstract Presentation Guidelines

  • Business attire is appropriate for all educational sessions. Professional demeanor, in both speech and attire, is expected at all times during the conference. 
  • Speakers must use the SCA presentation template for their title slide and disclosure of relevant financial relationships.
  • There will be one dedicated computer at the podium with PowerPoint and Keynote capability.
  • Slides must be sized for widescreen presentation (16x9). 
  • All presentations must be of educational nature, and may not be used to promote products or services.
  • Any additional handouts (i.e. case studies, journal articles, etc.) are the speaker's responsibility to print and distribute to attendees.
  • All speakers must upload their presentations in the Speaker Ready Room one hour prior to their presentation.
  • If there are any copyright concerns regarding content on specific slides of your presentation that may not be covered under the Fair Use Law, you may inform Learner's Digest of the slides that I would like deleted from the On Demand product. Should you decide to delete any slides, you must notify Pamela Burrage of the slides to be deleted by email at pamela.burrage@wolterskluwer.com within one week after your presentation.

Oral Abstract ​Presentation Suggestions

  • Limit the information on a single slide. 
  • Use a 24 point font as your minimum size - remember, those sitting in the back of the room should still be able to read your slide. 
  • Please keep in mind that the number of session attendees could range between 75 and 250 people.
  • Be consistent in presenting information in an organized, logical manner.
  • Do not use more than four colors in your presentation. Avoid red letters, which are difficult for some people to read. The best readability comes from high contrast of intensity rather than by clashes of color. 
  • Create slides to highlight your presentation, not to duplicate exactly what you will say.
  • It is recommended that you include your contact information on the last slide of your presentation for attendees to contact you with follow-up questions.
  • Make good use of color contrast.
  • Rehearse your presentation. SCA’s Speaker Ready Room is available onsite for this purpose. Please check this site closer to the date of the meeting for the exact room assignment of the Speaker Ready Room.
  • Any graphic included in the presentation (i.e. media and video) should be embedded in the presentation file to minimize the file size.

Changing the Main Author

If the main author is unable to present at the meeting, you must send an email to education@scahq.org providing the name and email address of the replacement abstract presenter prior to the meeting. Unless the SCA is notified of a change in presenting author, only the main author will be allowed to present the abstract.

Cancellation Policy

In case the abstract presentation must be cancelled in its entirety due to an unforeseen emergency, an email must be sent to education@scahq.org explaining the situation in appropriate and sufficient detail. Please note: Any main author who fail to notify SCA Staff of a cancellation may be prohibited from presenting another abstract at subsequent SCA meetings.