Tuesday, February 27


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Continental Breakfast with Exhibitors

Basic 3D Symposium

Moderator: Massimiliano Meineri, MD

Physics of 3D Imaging and Image Formation

Gregg Hartman, MD

3D Imaging Modes

Feroze Mahmood, MD

Introduction to Multi-Planar Reformatting

Douglas Shook, MD

Pro–3D TEE Superior to 2D TEE Imaging

Madhav Swaminathan, MD

Con–3D TEE Is Not Superior to 2D TEE Imaging

Gregg Hartman, MD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Break with Exhibitors

Aortic Valve Symposium

Moderator: Mark Taylor, MD

AS–Echocardiographic Quantification

Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD

AS–Echocardiographic Quantification of Difficult Subgroups

Mark Taylor, MD

AS– Current Controversies in Calculation AVA

Madhav Swaminathan, MD


Jonathan Leff, MD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Prosthetic Valve Symposium I

Moderator: Fabio Papa, MD

Prosthetic Valves–Principles of Echocardiographic Visualization

Nelson Burbano, MD

Hemodynamic Assessment of Prosthetic Valves

George Whitener, MD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Lunch Provided

Mitral Valve Symposium

Moderator: Annette Vegas, MDCM

MR–Quantitative Assessment of Mitral Valve Anatomy

Annette Vegas, MDCM

MR–Anatomical Lesion Based Approach

Sheela Pai Cole, MD

MR–Comprehensive Assessment

Madhav Swaminathan, MD

MR–Ischemic MR and Indices of Mitral Valve Remodeling

Douglas Shook, MD


Sharon McCartney, MD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Coffee Break with Exhibitors

Tricuspid and Pulmonic Valve Symposium

Moderator: Douglas Shook, MD

Tricuspid Valve and Annulus–Quantitative Approach

Yasdet Maldonado, MD

TR–Comprehensive Assessment

Andrew Maslow, MD

TR–Quantitative Assessment with Remodeling

Peter Panzica, MD

Functional TR in Left Sided Disease

Massimiliano Meineri, MD


Annette Vegas, MDCM

Pulmonic Valve

Jonathan Leff, MD

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Exhibitor Reception

Day in Review

Presenter: Andrew Maslow, MD