Saturday, April 18

9 am Noon





Mechanical Circulatory Systems – Devices for Today's Perioperative Clinician: A Clear Vision for 2020

Moderators: Kamrouz Ghadimi, MD and Jenny Kwak, MD

Get the 2020 view of mechanical circulatory support from a multidisciplinary team: perfusionists, critical care physicians, and anesthesiologists.  Learn the nuts and bolts of cardiopulmonary bypass, ECMO, and VADs in a small-group, hands-on setting.  Demo equipment and simulators will be used to teach placement and management of these devices in the perioperative period.  Special emphasis will be placed on ECMO: cannulation strategies, venting, and troubleshooting.

9 am Noon






Professional Development Skill-Building Workshop: Achieving Success in Cardiac Anesthesia

Moderators: Emily Methangkool, MD and Candice Montzingo, MD

Ready for advancement but not sure of your next step?  This unique, interactive workshop will integrate expertise from both the academic and business world to help SCA members navigate and succeed in both the academic and private practice landscape, with the goal of fostering future leaders.  Specifically, attendees will work on skill development in networking, mentorship, negotiation, and presentation.  Take homes include how to perfect the “elevator pitch”, cultivate healthy mentor and sponsor relationships, negotiate for time and compensation, and create and deliver an effective presentation.

2:30  5:30 pm






Focused on PoCUS – Learning & Refining This Very Imporant Craft!

Moderators: Bradley Coker, MD and Shahzad Shaefi, MD

Practical point of care ultrasonography is becoming more accessible to a growing number of providers.  This hands-on workshop is centered around the basics of transthoracic echocardiography (TTE).  In addition to cardiac evaluation, the workshop will cover the use of lung ultrasound, vascular access, shock states, as well as the FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma) protocol.  Special emphasis is placed on facilitating the learner’s hands-on-probe time to increase comfort and familiarity with image acquisition of these various modalities of PoCUS.

2:30  5:30 pm






ERACS: Design the System, Tailor the Anesthesia, and Enhance Your Patient’s Recovery

Moderators: James Anton, MD and Michael Grant, MD

Learn how to play a central role in the Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery (ERACS) program at your institution.  Learners will be introduced to the conceptual framework of an overall program.  Breakout sessions will provide direct interaction with leaders in the field on program implementation, multimodal analgesia including opioid sparing anesthesia, fluid management, goal-directed perfusion strategies, acute kidney injury and delirium prevention.  Participants will gain insights into some of the key surgical interventions necessary to optimize perioperative care and hasten recovery time.  Ultimately, this workshop will provide the participant with the toolset necessary to design and implement an ERACS program at their own institution.


Sunday, April 19

9 am Noon





Interventional Workshop – Hands-On Workshop with the Experts: Learn the Secrets, Play with the Toys

Moderators: Nadia Hensley, MD and Nelson Thaemert, MD

Come learn from the experts about Percutaneous Procedures, including TAVR and Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion.  Led by leaders in the field with an emphasis on small-group teaching, we integrate simulators, demo equipment, and physician-instructors for hands-on opportunities to learn about these procedures.  Special emphasis is placed on procedural steps, communication, TEE image correlation and collaborative practice.

2:30 5:30 pm





Advanced TEE: Quantification for the Qualified – Advanced Echo Modalities for Practical Use

Moderators: Jennifer Hargrave, MD and Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD

Don’t let numbers scare you!  Learn advanced quantification with the echo experts at this hands-on, cased based, TEE workshop that will discuss advanced methods of quantitative cardiac assessment.  Participants will learn to recognize the role of quantitative echocardiography in clinical decision-making and perform quantitative analysis using sample data sets in small group hands-on sessions.  Learn today and put these techniques into practice tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 21

5 pm





3D TEE Applications for Daily Practice

Moderators: Jiapeng Huang, MD and Charles Nyman, MBBCh

Applications of 3D echocardiography have advanced greatly in the last few years.  This technology offers unique and critical solutions to clinical problems.  This hands-on workshop provides practical, problem based and easy to understand sessions to help physicians master necessary 3D skills for daily practice.  Learn how to perform 3D ventricular function quantification, detailed 3D valvular analysis and 3D procedural guidance with renowned echocardiography experts in the field.