Saturday, April 18 | 7 8 am

Lung Transplantation Management – Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

ECMO in Thoracic Surgery

How to Design and Implement a Thoracic ERAS Program at Your Hospital

Patient on LVAD for Thoracic Surgery


Airway Crisis in the Thoracic Surgical Patient


Sunday, April 19 | 7 8 am

Perfusion Secrets What You Should Know but Probably Don't

Managing the Adult Congenital Patient for Elective Surgery: Including a Surgeon's Perspective

The Economics of Cardiac Anesthesia: From Bundled Payments to Pay-for-Performance and Everything In Between

Management of Challenging Arrhythmias Cardiology's Help Unravelling This Puzzle

Severe Pulmonary Hypertension and Noncardiac Surgery No Need to Be Afraid

Performing at Your Peak: Principles of Time and Energy Management and How to Bring Intentionality to Your Personal and Professional Life


Monday, April 20 | 7 8 am

Nuts and Bolts of EP Ablations: Experts Share Their Secrets...and Their Fears

Arrest? Open the Chest! The New Protocol for Resuscitation of Patients Who Arrest After Cardiac Surgery

The Guidelines for Valvular Heart Disease How to Make Sense of It All

Stop the Bleeding: Our 2020 Guide to Hemostasis after Cardiac Surgery

Destination to Where: Ethical Dilemmas in Mechanical Circulatory Support

Perioperative Pain Management in Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Opioid Epidemic Era


Tuesday, April 21 | 7 8 am

Thoracic Disasters What to Do When All Eyes Are on You

Mitral Regurgitation: A Team-Based Approach to Decision-Making

VAD Emergencies What to Do When You Have to Move Fast

Sedation for High Risk Patients When Anesthesia is the Riskiest Part of the Procedure

Allergic Reactions during Cardiac Surgery An Update on How to Predict, Diagnose, and Treat

Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) and Pacers: Everything You Want to Know but are Afraid to Ask!


Tuesday, April 21 | 1 2 pm

Severe Right Ventricular Dysfunction after Cardiac Surgery  Everyone's Nightmare

Perioperative Management of Patients on Novel Oral Anticoagulants So Many Questions, All the Answers

Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy What to Do When You are Taking Care of 2?

Left Atrial Appendage Device for AFIib Conundrums, Complications, and Everything in Between

VA ECMO: Perioperative Management...Made Crystal Clear!