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2015 SCA/ICCVA Annual Meeting

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Restructuring of SCA Committees

Portrait of Dr. Scott Reeves

The SCA Board of Directors has approved restructuring of SCA's governance to ensure we are completely aligned with our strategic plan. SCA’s strategic plan has four major goal areas:

Education: SCA will be the leader in comprehensive professional development that promotes the provision of safe, high-quality, cost-effective medical care for cardiovascular and thoracic procedures.

Research: SCA will be regarded as a key supporter and promoter of research related to cardiovascular and thoracic procedures.

Member Engagement: SCA membership will be viewed as essential to all physicians practicing cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesiology and critical care medicine.

Leadership: SCA will be the recognized authority for the subspecialty within the medical and nonmedical communities with an emphasis on patients.

To align the committee structure with the strategic plan and ensure the committees reflect our current practice, the new structure has 4 major umbrella committees whose work can be delegated to subcommittees and task forces. The Education Committee consists primarily of the continuing medical education and associated committees that plan SCA’s educational offerings. The Research Committee extensively reviews applications for and awards SCA/IARS grants and other research grants offered. The new Member Engagement Committee is designed to address all aspects of our member needs, inclusive of, but not limited to, the following activities: website, electronic learning, newsletters, fellowship needs, and economic concerns. The final umbrella committee is a new committee for Quality and Safety and Leadership in cardiovascular anesthesiology. This committee will house SCA activities that relate to this increasingly important milieu. This committee’s activities will include, but are not be limited to, guideline development, Clinical Practice and Quality Improvement Initiative in Perioperative Cardiac Surgery, FOCUS safety projects, and Society of Thoracic Surgeons database issues.

It is our hope that this new committee structure will align with our goals and enable SCA to be more attentive to all concerns of SCA members. It will also allow new volunteers to get involved in SCA committees. Incoming SCA President Dr. Linda Shore-Lesserson will be making committee appointments over the next several months, which will go into effect at our annual meeting in April. Please take a moment to visit the website and fill out a committee application form for any committees in which you may interested.

Scott T. Reeves, MD MBA

Linda Shore-Lesserson, MD