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Abstract Deadlines

SCA Annual Meeting – Fellow Program
Complex Case Submission Site will close on December 18, 2009 on the SCA Website.

Junior faculty have the opportunity to submit challenging or unique echo casesfor presentation at the Annual Meeting.
The deadilne for submission is January 15, 2010. Click here for submission guidelines.


Death by Protocols or Improved Patient Outcomes: Do transfusion algorithms work?


A new feature in the SCA Bulletin. An echo loop of an interesting finding with a brief description.

Literature Reviews

Simple method to eliminate interference between ventricular assist devices and cardiac rhythm devices

Esmolol Reduces Perioperative Ischemia in Cardiac Surgery: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Studies

Relationship of Doppler-Echocardiographic left ventricular diastolic function to exercise performance in systolic heart failure: The HF-ACTION study

Elevated preoperative hemoglobin A1c level is predictive of adverse events after coronary artery bypass surgery

Impact of Left Ventricular Assist Device Bridging on Posttransplant Outcomes

A Decade of Minimally Invasive Mitral Repair: Long-Term Outcomes

On-Pump versus Off-Pump Coronary-Artery Bypass Surgery

Foundation Update

FOCUS Update, the STS Database Project, 2010 Research Grants and More

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Literature review

SCA seeking to offer more quality and value

As all you baseball fans know, fall is passing and World Series time has passed. Unfortunately it seems the major story of this year’s playoffs was the poor umpiring. All teams were victimized by horrendous calls. Making matters worse, Commissioner Bud Selig has recently affirmed that Major League Baseball has no intention on improving its product by utilizing new technology.
Fall is also time for the SCA Board of Directors (BOD) to meet and plan for the upcoming year. Unlike Major League Baseball, we are constantly looking for ways to offer more quality and value to our membership.
The BOD approved purchase of an audience response system. This system will serve several important functions.

  • First, it will enhance learning by shifting lectures from a passive to interactive format.
  • Second, it will facilitate compliance with new ACCME regulations regarding meeting planning and program evaluation.
  • Third, it will allow the SCA to readily perform clinical and management surveys and share the results with the membership. This audience response system will not require any new hardware, but instead is based on smartphone internet connectivity by WAN and WIFI service.

The BOD also approved an RFP for redesign of the SCA website. Our goal of this renovation is to improve functionality of the website and also to create membership communication. The website will continue to be used to post important Clinical Guidelines that the SCA helps to create and endorses. New Guidelines regarding important topics such as invasive monitoring and intraoperative echocardiography are being considered.

The BOD is also exploring new educational formats. Though only some of you may have noticed the Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Book That Contains All Books” on Oct 17, 2009, I am sure that all you are aware of digital books. In this article, the WSJ compared the development of digital books to the invention of the printing press. Digital books are far less expensive to produce, which is key to a cost-sensitive Society like our own; but more importantly, these digital books can include multimedia to dramatically enhance the educational content. Consider the difference of looking at a still image of an echo vs. a three-dimensional cine loop.

Another new format we are re-exploring is the use of online CME. The new twist here is to use the CME to meet specific credentialing and certification criteria.

Another important SCA project is the development of a cardiovascular anesthesia database in conjunction with the STS database. This database will offer performance improvement and research opportunities. We are nearing completion of this project and a future Newsletter will provide more detail.

Lastly, the SCA is actively building alliances with other international cardiovascular societies. These alliances will facilitate improved exchange of ideas and technology.

As you can see, unlike other organizations, good is not good enough for the SCA. We are constantly looking for ways to offer more quality and value for our membership.

Important Reminder
Please make the effort and voice your opinions in the ongoing health care reform debate. The country needs to hear our expertise.

















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