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For practitioners, we sincerely hope this will facilitate your clinical needs when dealing with complex cardiac cases or for unexpected events in patients with cardiac disease undergoing non-cardiac surgery. For those in-training, those preparing for a TEE certification exam and for prospective echo rounds authors, we hope that the collection of echo rounds housed here will enable you to read, study or compare cases. You can get further information on what echo rounds is all about and how it has evolved here:

  • Anesthesia & Analgesia Guide for Authors
  • Echo Rounds Editorial July 2007

What is housed here?

All published or in press echo rounds are located here. Information on the date of publication, authors, titles and links to PUBMED (including “related articles” for a particular rounds) are provided. For published echo rounds, SCA members can directly obtain the PDF file and the video clips. For in pressrounds, the original “pre-press” (non formatted) word document is available as a PDF file for you to download if you desire (video clips may be available in the future).

If you are not an SCA member, you will have to download the relevant files from the Anesthesia & Analgesia electronic Table of Contents webpage (www.anesthesia-analgesia.org) after you search by author. In press PDF’s will not be available on that site. Of course, you might consider joining SCA to get the most out of the SCA database!

Each of the rounds has been coded according to multiple keywords (note: we have liberally edited the original terms, added many and deleted some). The actual keywords we have used are located in a file here. You can search to your hearts content on as many as you like (for instructions, click here).Keywords

What is not housed here?

Echo rounds that are currently under review or in revision are not here (since we don’t know which will be accepted). There are usually 5 – 10 in this category at any one time. So if you are a potential author, there is a small chance that your submission may already be covered and yours may be returned as “ineligible”.

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