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STS and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists partnered in 2013 to implement an anesthesiology data module for the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD) component of the STS National Database. This web-based anesthesiology module is used to collect and benchmark data for anesthesiology participants. The STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database is the largest cardiothoracic surgery outcomes and quality improvement registry in the world, containing more than 5.6 million cardiothoracic surgical procedure records from 1,068 participants (an individual surgeon or group of surgeons, the vast majority in conjunction with their respective hospitals).

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The STS Adult Cardiac Database version 2.9 was released July 1
st 2017. Prior to this date the anesthesia module was managed separately except for the submission dates which coincided with the adult cardiac database. With the beginning of 2.9, those participating in the anesthesia module will now submit the anesthesia data into the same database software program as the adult cardiac on a per patient basis. This will be a continuation of the vendor software, not a different submission process. Previously, the anesthesia module would allow for multiple cases to be submitted and analyzed on the same patient per stay. However, with the upgrade, only one case is to be entered per patient for both the adult cardiac and anesthesia database. This should be the index procedure encountered by the patient during the stay. No other cases should be entered as it will delete index procedure and you will not receive credit for the main procedure. 

Version 2.81 will be used for Quarter 2 cases, which pertain to cases performed thru June 30th. After June 30th all cases must be entered in v2.9 format. The last day to submit v2.81 case will be December 1st, 2017, this coincides with the submission window close date for the adult cardiac database, submission 4. The Anesthesia module will also shut-down at 5pm Eastern on December 1st and no cases for v2.81 – Anesthesia Module will be accepted after that time. This means that all data must be in and all correction must be made as there will not be an opportunity to go back and make any changes. DCRI will provide each site with a copy of their records for the sites records. Please reach out to Carole Krohn from STS at if you have any questions.

Provided below is a link that opens a dummy report for the anesthesia data that a site can expect to receive quarterly after joining the database.

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Participation benefits include:

  • A standardized format for data collection to assess the care of adult patients undergoing cardiothoracic operations;
  • Quarterly performance outcomes reports in a risk-adjusted format which allows comparison of local outcomes to regional benchmarks and national standards;
  • Report section dedicated to anesthesia;
  • Analysis of major surgical outcomes and process-of-care measures that impact adult cardiac surgery patients;
  • Composite quality measure scores for CABG and AVR and associated ratings;
  • Risk profiles of patients in your practice benchmarked against national standards;
  • Feedback reports to identify areas for quality improvement;
  • Feedback reports to document outcomes for quality improvement initiatives;
  • Assessment data on new technology and techniques;
  • Documentation of the quality of care delivered by your practice for interested third-party entities; and
  • Participation in a national quality improvement effort for adult cardiac surgery that has an impact at the local, regional, and national levels.


Participation Requirements:

  • Data Collection and Submission
    Collect and submit data via the web-based collection portal. This robust tool will provide comprehensive data fields to capture patient risk factors, operative and anesthetic techniques, processes, and clinical outcomes.
  • Annual Fee
    The fee for SCA/STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database participation is $2,500 per anesthesiology group. (Note: this fee is in addition to the participation fee payable by or on behalf of your surgeon colleague participants; their participation is necessary.)

For More Information

For more information, contact Elizabeth Watkins at or (312) 202-5858.

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