James G. Ramsay, MD
President, 2005-2007

President's Message

Changes in the Society's Journal

This is a year of major transition for our journal, Anesthesia & Analgesia. As many of you already know, Ronald Miller is stepping down as the Editor-in-Chief after 14 very successful years. The SCA chose to make Anesthesia & Analgesia our "official" journal in 1994, soon after Dr. Miller became the editor, and I believe we have been very well served by the journal under Dr. Miller's leadership. The majority of our active members now choose joint membership with the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), and obtain many benefits including the journal at an attractive rate. In addition, more than 11,000 members of the IARS around the world are exposed to the work published in the Cardiovascular Section. The SCA has a direct line to the editorial board through our role in the selection of the Associate Editor for Cardiovascular Anesthesia, and in the most recent of our agreements with the IARS we introduced the new position of Assistant to the Associate Editor for our section. Our goal was to develop the "journal within a journal" concept, to clearly identify and promote contributions which reflect the interests of our members.

Also stepping down this year is Ken Tuman who has served as the Associate Editor for Cardiovascular Anesthesia for 11 years. Ken has been an extremely productive editor and has steered the Cardiovascular Section through some major changes in recent years. In 2003, under the new agreement with the IARS, Chuck Hogue was appointed as the first Assistant to the Associate Editor (ie to Ken) to enable a closer working relationship with the SCA. Under Ken's leadership, Chuck has successfully introduced the "journal within a journal" structure, and begun to introduce three new features: "Echo Rounds, " "State of the Art Reviews" and "Pro-con debates." All of these new features are being created collaboratively with active SCA members.

New Editor-in-Chief of Anesthesia & Analgesia

In 2006 there will be a "changing of the guard." The IARS undertook a major effort to recruit a new editor-in-chief, and was delighted to award this position to Steve Shafer, Professor of Anesthesiology at Stanford. Steve is a remarkable individual, with extensive editorial experience with Anesthesiology and several other journals. He positively vibrates with enthusiasm and ideas, and is the perfect choice to lead us into the new world of scientific and medical publications which is moving more and more towards electronic media. He has outlined for the IARS and SCA boards a number of innovative and strategic ideas with regard to the editorial process, clinical relevance, CME credits and website activity which you will see unfold over the next year or so. Steve has made it clear he is going to change the reviewer compensation to make it reflect the individual workload. In addition, he has plans for changing the size and structure of the editorial board as a whole. Steve has joined the SCA and has made a commitment to attend our Annual Meeting.

New Associate Editor for Cardiovascular Anesthesia

When Ken Tuman announced his intention to step down and Steve Shafer was appointed as the incoming new editor, Steve suggested we "open" Ken's position to candidates from around the world. This process has been applied to other section editor positions which are changing this year. As a result, the SCA received applications from 14 candidates from 3 countries! It was gratifying to see the interest from so many leaders in our subspecialty. It was not an easy choice, but after considerable deliberation, the SCA Board decided to promote Chuck Hogue from his "Assistant to the Associate" position to be the new Associate Editor for Cardiovascular Anesthesia. Chuck is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received universal praise from the current editorial leadership, and has done an outstanding job in creating the "journal within a journal" described above. He has also been a very active contributor to SCA meetings and will be a strong advocate for the Society.

New Section Editor for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Education (formerly Assistant to the Associate Editor)

Martin London from the University of California, San Francisco will move in to Chuck's current position. Marty and Chuck have redefined this position as "Section Editor, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Education" reflecting the SCA's increased focus on promoting education, and Marty's recognized talents as an educator. Marty will work closely with Chuck and with the SCA committees to coordinate education related publications, CME activities, and joint SCA-IARS web based educational efforts published in the journal. Marty will continue to develop a major program of soliciting contributions from SCA members to our section of the journal.

I know you all of you will join me in thanking Ron Miller, Ken Tuman, and Chuck Hogue for their leadership and outstanding contributions to our journal. At the same time, please join me in congratulating Steve Shafer, Chuck Hogue, and Marty London - and pledge to help them make Anesthesia & Analgesia the premier journal in our specialty and subspecialty.

James G. Ramsay, MD
President, SCA

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