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SCA Newsletter - December 2001

Are You Connected... to the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists?

"The information highway will revolutionize communications even more than it will revolutionize computing."

- Bill Gates

Do you know that the SCA has e-mail addresses for only 30-40% of our members? I find this astounding since cardiovascular anesthesiologists are among the most technologically advanced and the most cutting-edge anesthesiologists in practice. I am sure this does not reflect an avoidance of the information superhighway by SCA members, but a lack of awareness of how important this "connection" is for our Society. Increasingly, we are staying in touch with our members through general e-mailing. These e-messages have a variety of objectives ranging from bringing an important political or economic message to the SCA membership's attention, all the way down to administrative matters such as notification of registration fee increases or approaching deadlines. The use of e-mail makes our communication with you much more efficient and timely. Without your e-mail address in the database, you won't receive these updates and reminders! So how can you get connected? The new dues notice that you will soon be receiving will include a spot to fill in your e-mail address, as well as office address, telephone number and fax number. Please take the time to fill in this information accurately, so that you will be properly placed in the SCA database. Alternatively, you can submit your e-mail address and full name to, and we will update your file automatically.

In 1998, the SCA committed itself to developing a presence on the World Wide Web. If you have not yet had the opportunity, please take some time to visit the SCA web page at The SCA web site contains a wealth of information for the practicing cardiovascular anesthesiologist, as well as for residents and fellows. From the Home Page, you can go to JOB POSTINGS which is a list of cardiovascular anesthesiologist jobs available throughout the country. Each job posting includes the contact person, salary, job requirement and job description. This link will be of particular interest to fellows in cardiovascular anesthesia. Residents interested in a cardiovascular fellowships should access the listing of CV fellowships throughout North America. Each listing includes chief of the cardiovascular program with contact information, salary and a most comprehensive list of the program specifics.

If you already have a job or fellowship, but would like to further your education, there are a variety of choices you can access at the SCA web site. Didn't make it to the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthes-iologists Annual Meeting in Vancouver this past year? Many of the lectures were videotaped by Digiscript and can be accessed via a direct link between the SCA site and Digiscript. CME can be obtained after viewing each tape by completing an evaluation and submitting a fee. Similarly

education is available within the Member Section both with and without CME credit via the use of a number of vignettes developed by the Electronic Communication Committee under the direction of David Reich, MD. New vignettes will be added continually so that members may well want to return on a periodic basis to the SCA web site to view the new educational materials. If on-line education isn't for you, other educational opportunities are offered. For instance, the taping of the echo meeting lectures have been recorded on 31 tapes which can be purchased on-line at the SCA web site. In addition, there is a listing of all SCA meetings for 2002 with dates, and registration information available at just a mouse click away.

The SCA/American Society of Echo cardiology Task Force on inter-operative echo have also developed an updated report form for transesophageal echo. This report form is an attempt to standardize the reporting of transesophageal echo data for all practitioners of transesophageal echo. As the task force continues to work on these forms, the updates will appear on the web site.

Old newsletters are also available to SCA members which include not only the words of wisdom from your current president and past presidents, but in addition, contain the pro and con interactions and literature reviews that have appeared in past issues. This information is provided in a searchable database, thereby providing easier access to information of interest. Finally, there is a membership directory available to members only. In order to access this, you must put in your user name and password. If you have forgotten these, you can obtain them by contacting headquarters at There are many other features that can be accessed also by visiting the SCA web site, including the society's official journal Anesthesia & Analgesia. I invite everyone to visit our web site in the near future.

I leave you with the plea to "get connected." Make sure we have your newest e-mail address and please plan to visit the SCA web site and all it's features available to you!

Roger A. Moore, MD

President SCA

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