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Fellowship Lecture Series

Developed by Steven H. Ginsberg MD with the support of the SCA and participation of:

Web based Fellowship Education Committee:

James H. Abernathy, MD
Michael P. Eaton, MD
Christina Mora Mangano, MD

Lecture Review Board

James H. Abernathy, MD
Antonio Chiricolo, MD
Albert T. Cheung, MD
Michael P. Eaton, MD
Steven H. Ginsberg, MD
Steven M. Haddy, MD
Tim Heinke, MD
Christina Mora Mangano, MD
Gregory Nuttall, MD
Doug Shook, MD

To view the lecture series you must be a SCA member and have your username and password. Non-members can join to gain access to the lecture series. Fellows can join for only $40.

Title Author(s) Posted Survey*
The Current Status of Mechanical Circulatory Support
Marc E. Stone, MD
Yuriy Slota, MD
2015-Feb-03 Survey
Glucose Management During Cardiac Surgery

Practice Quiz
Sukhdeep S. Athwal, DO
Adam S. Evans, MD
Leila Hosseinian, MD
Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD
2014-Nov-05 Survey
Financial Planning for the Medical Professional Ryan D. Ball, MD, Steve McHugh, MD
Michael Boizen, MD, Stephen A. Esper, MD, MBA
2014-Oct-24 Survey
Quality and Safety in Healthcare Elizabeth Martinez, MD, MHS
2014-Apr-11 Survey
Anesthetic Management of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Ryan Hood, MD
James Anton, MD
2013-Sep-09 Survey
Pre-operative Evaluation of the Cardiac Patient Samuel Hankins, MD
Daniel Tolpin, MD
2013-Aug-20 Survey
Anesthetic Management of Cardiac Transplantation Greta Jo, MD
Kishan Dwarakanath, MD
2013-Jul-11 Survey

Cardiac Anesthesiology Outside of the OR

Wendy Gross, MD, MHCM
Usha Tedrow, MD
Pinak Shah, MD
2011-Feb-17 Survey
Embryology / Adult Congenital Heart Disease Sugantha Sundar, MD
James A. DiNardo, MD
2011-Apr-28 Survey
Management of Cardiopulmonary Bypass Glenn Gravlee, MD
Nathaen Weitzel, MD
2011-Jun-06 Survey
Pathophysiology and Prevention of Adverse Renal Outcomes in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mark Stafford-Smith, MD, CM, FRCPC, FASE
Robert Thiele, MD

2012-Mar-27 Survey

Practice Management for the Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist

Christopher A. Troianos, MD 2010-Aug-23 Survey
Professionalism in the Cardiothoracic OR's Jerry Reves, MD 2010-Jun-28 Survey

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