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Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California


General Information:
Chair: Philip D. Lumb, MB, BS, FCCM
Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Steven Haddy, MD, FACC
Mailing Address:
Keck Medical Center of USC
Department of Anesthesiology 4th Floor. 
Los Angeles, California 90033

(323) 409-7748
Application Process:

We accept applications from physicians completing an ACGME accredited anesthesiology residency program. We participate in the matching program administered by SFMatch. All applicants must register and agree to the terms of the match. We use the standardized application form which is available on the SFMatch website. When complete, your application will be transmitted to us electronically by SFMatch. The SCA standardized letter of recommendation form should be used and is available on the SCA website.

Additional required documents:

1.     Copies of any publications that you authored or co-authored.

2.     Evidence of posters or other presentations (screen shots or .ppts are acceptable).

3.     A government issued photo I.D.

4.     The results of your most recent in-training examinations.

Documents not contained in the SFMatch application should be emailed to: haddy@med.usc.edu. 

General Program Information:
Number of positions: 4
Type(s) of Fellowship Training Avaible:
  • Clinical Only
Annual Salary: Negotiable depending upon experience and training
Minimum Length of Training: 12 Months
Number of CA-4/CA-5 Fellows Completing 12-24 Months Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Training in Previous 5 Years: 10

Philip Lumb, MB, BS, FCCM
Critical Care Medicine, CT Anesthesiology
Steven Haddy, MD, FACC
TEE, Minimally Invasive/Robotic Procedures, Thoracic Aortic Surgery

Jayeshkumar Patel, MD 
CT Anesthesiology
Twafik Ayoub, MD
CT Anesthesiology, Liver Transplantation

Peter Roffey, MD 
Critical Care Medicine, CT Anesthesiology

Candice Tay, MD
CT Anesthesiology

Tara Humphrey, DO
CT Anesthesiology

Academic Program:
Fellow Conferences Frequency: Anticipate 1 per month
Type: Echo review, grand rounds, journal club, M&M
Extra-Institutional Educational Conference Support: SCA echo meeting, possibly one other cardiac conference
In the Previous 5 Years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author On:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 3
Book Chapters:
Other Publications:


Funding: Primarily institutional with limited funds anticipated from industry.
Dedicated Research Time: Limited
Echocardiography Instruction: Primarily in the operating room
Critical Care Rotation: A one month formal rotation in the CTICU is required.
Maximum Time in Non-OR Activities: 3 months

Clinical Program:
Number of Cardiac Procedures with CPB Per Year: 700
Distribution of cases: 30% CABG and CABG/Valve, 50% Valve, 10% Thoracic Aortic Surgery 10%
Average Number of CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: >100
Number of Cardiac Procedures off-CPB Per Year: 60
Distribution of case: 33% Thoracic Aneurysm, 33% TAVR, 33% 33% Other
Average Number of off-CPB Procedures Per Trainee Per Year: 10
Number of Non-Cardiac Thoracic Cases Per Year: 300
Number of Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants Per Year: 20
Number of Major Vascular Cases Per Year: 50
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