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Duke University Medical Center


General Information:
Institution Name: Duke University
Faculty List: anesthesiology.duke.edu/?page_id=1042

Participates in SF Match: Yes
Chair: Joseph P. Mathew, MD MHSc MBA FASE

Adult Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellowship Director: Brandi A. Bottiger, MD
Mailing Address:
Box 3094 DUMC
2013 Erwin Rd, Room 5688 HAFS
Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919.681.6944
Fax: 919.681.8993
Program Coordinator: Susan Morris
Phone: 919.681.6754
General Program Information:
If more than one fellowship year of training is desired in combination, please contact the program coordinator (susan.morris@duke.edu) or program director (brandi.bottiger@duke.edu) at the time of application. Other fellowships DUMC offers include research, ICU, pediatric anesthesia, perioperative medicine, OB anesthesia, regional and chronic pain)

Number of positions: 13
Additional Fellowship Training Available: Clinical/Basic Research; Clinical/Clinical Research
Annual Salary: $62,604
Number of Fellows Completing Training in Previous 5 Years: 57
Education Program:
Conference Available to Fellows:
  • 1 hour/week Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesia & TEE lectures & workshops (mandatory, core curriculum)
  • 1 hour/week career development lectures for all fellowships (mandatory, core curriculum)
  • 2 hours/week Departmental and Divisional Grand Rounds
  • 3-4 hours/week TEE review/extra topics (Recommended)
  • Multidisciplinary M&M, Case discussions and TEE conference 1-2hours/week.
Academic Fellow Activities:
In the previous 5 years, Fellows were 1st or 2nd Author on:
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 
Book Chapters: 
QI Projects: 
Clinical Program:
Total Number of Procedures: 1,600 cardiac; 1,500 thoracic per year
Number of CPB Procedures: 1,580
Number of Cardiac Procedures: 1,600
Number of off-CPB Cardiac Procedures: 20
Non-Cardiac Thoracic Procedures: 1,500
Heart, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplants: 54 heart transplants; 110 lung transplants; a few heart/lung transplants
Major Vascular Procedures: 208 thoracic aortic/dissections
Operating Equipment Available: 
  • 2 dedicated thoracic ORs
  • 6 dedicated adult cardiac ORs
  • 1 pediatric CT OR
  • 1 dedicated hybrid OR
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