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Friday, May 26
Complex Imaging Dilemmas

7:30 – 9:30 am Complex Imaging Dilemmas
Moderator: Alina Nicoara, MD FASE

Imaging ASDs and PFOs for Surgical and Percutaneous Closure
Georges Desjardins, MD FASE FRCPC
Aortic Insufficiency: Can the Valve Be Repaired?
Mark A. Taylor, MD FASE
When Is TEE Indicated for Thoracic Surgery?
Kent H. Rehfeldt, MD FASE
Paravalvular Leaks: Is 3D Better than 2D Assessment?
Jacques (Prince) Neelankavil, MD
TEE and VAD Therapy: TEE Guidance for Placement and
Troubleshooting During Support
J. Devin Roberts, MD

9:30 - 9:45 am Coffee Break

9:45 am – Test Yourself: A Comprehensive Review of Echo Week
12:15 pm Moderator: Douglas C. Shook, MD FASE

Feroze Mahmood, MD FASE, and Peter Panzica, MD, will
lead a mock exam to test your comprehension of concepts
discussed during Echo Week. A review of the questions will

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