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Saturday, April 22

6:45 - 8 am Choose from one of the following options:
1. Optimal Pain Management for VATS Javier Campos, MD and Alessia Pedoto, MD 2. The Patient With Cardiac Disease Undergoing Thoracic Surgery Diana Anca, MD and Wanda M. Popescu, MD 3. Lung Transplantation: Management Decisions Rebecca Y. Klinger, MD MS and Peter D. Slinger, MD FRCPC 4. Massive Hemoptysis Jens Lohser, MD MSc FRCPC and Igor Zhukov, MD 5. The Afib Problem With Thoracic Surgery Gyorgy Frendl, MD PhD and Jagtar Singh Heir, DO 6. Carinal Resection: Nuts & Bolts Philip M. Hartigan, MD and Ju-Mei Ng, MD 7. Robotic Thymectomy in a Myasthenic Randall S. Blank, MD PhD and Stephen Collins, MD 8. Ethical Conundrums in Thoracic Anesthesia E. Andrew Ochroch, MD MSCE and Nicholas Sadovnikoff, MD
Sunday, April 23 6:45 - 8 am Choose from one of the following options: 9. Pitfalls and Solutions in Invasive Arterial Pressure Measurement Jacob T. Gutsche, MD and Albert C. Perrino, Jr., MD 10. Managing the Adult Congenital Patient for Elective Surgery Thomas M. Burch, MD and Alexander Mittnacht, MD FASE 11. Secondary Tricuspid Regurgitation: Fix It or Leave It Alone? Rebecca Hahn, MD and Massimiliano Meineri, MD 12. Stop the Bleeding: Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Perioperative Coagulopathy Kamrouz Ghadimi, MD and Prakash A. Patel, MD 13. Anesthesia for Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair and Rapid Right Ventricular Pacing Michael Bokoch, MD PhD and Ahmed Shalabi, MD 14. STS: Transarterial Aortic Valve Implantation Vinay Badhwar, MD and Stanton K. Shernan, MD FAHA FASE 15. How to Build a Structural Heart Program G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD PhD FASE and Mark Reisman, MD 16. Intraoperative Diagnosis of Severe Low-Flow, Low-Gradient Aortic Stenosis Christopher Tanaka, MD and David A. Zvara, MD
Monday, April 24 6:45 - 8 am Choose from one of the following options: 17. Converting from VA ECMO to BiVAD: Anesthetic Considerations Mabel Chung, MD and Nicholas W. Markin, MD FASE 18. Mitral Repairs: Minimally Invasive - Maximum Headache? Ellen M. Dailor, MD and Ludmil (Lou) Mitrev, MD 19. High Risk Lead Extractions: Who, Where, and How? Lilibeth Fermin, MD and Ravi Vivekanand Joshi, MD 20. Managing the Patient Taking the New Oral Anticoagulants Harendra Arora, MD and Glenn P. Gravlee, MD 21. Pulmonary Hypertension in Interventional Radiology: To Tube or Not To Tube? Wendy L. Gross, MD and Dirk J. Varelmann, MD 22. Challenges of Ventricular Assist Device Placement Feroze Mahmood, MD and Vidya K. Rao, MD 23. This Heart Transplant is Ruining My Laparotomy Laura Hastings, MD and Kristin Richards, MD 24. Aortic Valve Repair: What To Know John (Yianni) G.T. Augoustides, MD FAHA FASE and Hanjo Ko, MD
Tuesday, April 25 6:45 - 8 am Choose from one of the following options: 25. Right Heart Failure After Heart Transplantation: Help! M. Megan Chacon, MD and Gregory M. Janelle, MD FASE 26. Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia and Cardiopulmonary Bypass Mark A. Taylor, MD FASE and Menachem M. Weiner, MD 27. VT Storm: Coming to a Cath Lab Near You Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD MS and Emily Methangkool, MD 28. What Should I Know About Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy? Tara R. Brakke, MD FASE and Elrond Teo, MBBS 29. Preventing and Managing Perioperative Delirium Sreekanth Cheruku, MD and Hilary P. Grocott, MD FASE FRCPC 30. Anesthetic Management for Combined Heart/Liver Transplantation Draginja Cvetkovic, MD and Suryanarayan Pothula, MD 31. Can You Be Too Cold? Temperature Management for DHCA Albert T. Cheung, MD and Jonathan D. Leff, MD 32. Minimally Invasive Surgery - Maximally Monitoring: Monitoring Considerations in Total Endoscopic Robotic Cardiac Surgery (TERCS) Meghann Fitzgerald, MD and Nikolaos J. Skubas, MD DSc FACC FASE
Wednesday, April 26 6:45 - 8 am Choose from one of the following options: 33. Emergent Initiation and ICU Management for Peripheral Mechanical Circulatory Support
Arun Jayaraman, MD PhD and Daisuke Nonaka, MD 34. Factor Recombinants, Factor Concentrates and Fibrinogen Philip E. Greilich, MD and Jerrold H. Levy, MD 35. Assessment and Management of Right Ventricular Dysfunction for LVAD Placement - Can the RV Handle an LVAD?
Nelson H. Burbano, MD and Stefan Ianchulev, MD 36. Severe Pulmonary Hypertension and Non-Cardiac Surgery Jonathan Kay, MD and Jonathan D. Leff, MD 37. Adult Patient With a "Failing" Fontan for Emergency Exploratory Laparotomy James A. DiNardo, MD and Viviane Nasr, MD
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